Our Location

Salt Spring Island is located in the Salish Sea...

Our Cattle

Night Owl Farm breeds and raises Belted Galloway cattle...

Nestled in the Fulford Valley is 84-acres of picturesque farmland, sprinkled with Oreo-coloured cows.

Our Orchard 

   On the northern side of Night Owl's 124-acres exists a small 5-acre heritage apple orchard. The orchard consists of 15 trees, producing two kinds of apples, and a few pear trees, to add some sweetness. 

   While the farm keeps the pears to enjoy personally, we have started to press and pasteurize our apples, to sell as juice for locals to enjoy. Salt Spring Island is home to over 100 varieties of apple trees, Night Owl's select trees add to the complex mix. 

Our Vision 

   Here at Night Owl Farm, believe in leaving the world a little greener than the way they found it.

   Night Owl Farm strives to become a sustainable, environmentally conscious farm. For the past few years, we have fed the cows solely with hay harvested from our owned and leased pastures, with hope and continuous hard work that will continue for many years.  

   By using organic fertilizer, not using pesticides on our fruit trees, and purchasing chicken feed without antibiotics, the farm is providing locals with organic beef, apple juice, and eggs; from start to finished product. 

   A Little About Us...

Night Owl Farm


Our Story

The first time I met Gavin....

Our Farm

   Night Owl Farm sits peacefully in the Burgoyne Valley, Salt Spring Island, just off the main road between the central town of Ganges and the southern village of Fulford. You'll pass by on your way to the Fulford ferry. Calling B.C.'s picturesque, calm, free-spirited island home is one of our biggest assets. Owning and breeding grass and Brewer's grain fed, free-range, organic grade cattle, and chickens, is another. 

   Here on the farm, we value community, creativity, and environmentalism. We have in place an environmental action plan, and take great efforts to take proper care of our animals, fields, and forest. 

   Since 2007 Gavin Johnston has called himself a farmer, and has continually upgraded the farmhouse and outer farm buildings. Cathy Valentine has been a part of the farm since 2012, and together, with their children's help, the farm has become a successful local producer and a diverse environment.

   If you drive up the stretching lane way on a sunny fall afternoon, the background image will be your view. Happy cows, munching on the grass in the two 20-acre front fields as the sun slowly melts beyond the horizon. Gavin will be at the workshop, fixing something for the umteenth time. You'll find a farmer, feeding the cows – either dinner or treats – their black tongues reaching greedily for their outstretched hand full of food. And you'll have the feeling that all is well in the world.

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Our Farmstand

Night Owl Farm isn't only known for its unique choice of cattle...