Our Farm

Night Owl Farm sits peacefully in the Burgoyne Valley, Salt Spring Island, just off the main road between the town of Ganges and the village of Fulford. 

We raise Belted Galloway Cattle, laying hens, meat birds, a couple of horses, orchards and gardens. 

The farm is home to two human families and a few singles.

Behind the scenes but at the top of priorities, we encourage the bio-diversity of this land through nourishing native plants, animals and land forms.  


Our Vision 


Night Owl Farm strives to become a sustainable, environmentally conscious farm.

We feed the cows solely with hay harvested from our owned and leased pastures, and the only grain they eat is the spent Brewer's grain from Salt Spring Ales. They love the taste (and buzz:) of it.   


By using organic fertilizer, not using pesticides on our fruit trees, and purchasing chicken feed without antibiotics, the farm is providing locals with organic beef, apple juice, and eggs; from start to finished product. 

   A Little About Us...

Nestled in the Fulford Valley is 84-acres of picturesque farmland, sprinkled with Oreo-coloured cows.

Our Farmstand

Night Owl Farm isn't only known for its unique choice of cattle...

Our Location

Salt Spring Island is located in the Salish Sea...

Night Owl Farm


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Our Story

The first time I met Gavin....

Our Cattle

Night Owl Farm breeds and raises Belted Galloway cattle...