Night Owl Farm


   ​Night Owl Farm has a flock of approximately one hundred and fifty chickens, spread throughout three separate chicken coops... 

   Our Chickens

   Night Owl Farm isn't only known for its unique choice of cattle. We also have an eccentric farm stand. Based on a true west coast feel, the farm stand is full of bright, welcoming colours...

   Night Owl Farm breeds and raises Belted Galloway cattle. All of which are fed using grass and hay from our fields. Our sire, affectionately named Clancy, has fathered over twenty calves...

   Our Farmstand

   Our Cattle

   Since 2007, Night Owl Farm has successfully grown a Belted Galloway heard to include twenty five cattle. These Oreo-coloured cows have a gentle mindset, and can been seen happily munching in the farm's hay pastures in the late summer and fall. Winter and spring find the cows in their wintering paddock, over 20-acres of forested pasture on higher ground with a large walk through shelter, giving them relief from the elements associated with the seasons. Our 84-acre farm also leases land elsewhere on island, to ensure that enough organic hay is grown to feed and bed the cattle all winter long.

   Gavin started raising layer hens in 2011, and the flock has since grown to just under 300 hens, separated into three smaller flocks. The chickens are kept in separate coops, each painted bright reds, yellows and greens with a cubism-styled chicken design, to match our unique farm stand. To minimize over-grazing of the land, the chicken coops have been designed to be movable, and are rotated around pastures each week. The hens produce enough eggs that Night Owl has started selling not only out of the Farm stand, but to Salt Spring Natureworks, the organic health food store on the island, and to local bakeries as well. 

   Beef, and eggs are the farm main products – you can on occasion find poultry for sale too. And keep checking in: we shall soon be producing beef jerky! 

The perfect place for happy cows, happy chickens, and happy people.

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