​Grass fed, free-range beef is available two to three times a year. The demand for local beef is so high that we can only accept new customers to our waitlist. 

Beef is processed at our local abattoir and sold by the cut only (not sold by the quarter or side).


For more information on our beef, feel free to contact us: nightowlfarm@gmail.com 

   Our Cattle

Night Owl Farm breeds and raises Belted Galloway cattle. Our former sire – affectionately named Clancy,  fathered over thirty calves. The herd, which started off as eight cows, has grown to twenty-five. All of which are fed using grass and hay from our fields. 

In the warmer and drier months of the year, the herd follows their own routine through acres of forest to  pasture fields and to the feeding barn. This daily migration keeps them active, and able to self-regulate food, water and temperature.

In the cooler and wetter months, they move between the barn, loafing sheds and the forest, keeping active, dry and well-fed. 

Night Owl Farm


​Live Cattle Sales

We do on occasion sell one or two cattle to interested buyers. If you are interested in purchasing one of our Belties, please reach out to us via email: nightowlfarm@gmail.com