Night Owl Farm


​Live Cattle Sales

   We do on occasion sell one or two cattle to interested buyers. If you are interested in purchasing one of our Belties, please reach out to us via email:

   ​Grass fed, free-range beef is available nearly all year round, as the herd is large enough to meet the steady on island demand. Our beef is aged for three weeks before being professionally butchered and packaged for individual sale.

   Roasts, steaks, and burger are sold from the farm, prices based on weight. 

For more information on our beef, feel free to contact us: 

   Our Cattle

   ​Night Owl Farm breeds and raises Belted Galloway cattle. Our sire – affectionately named Clancy, has fathered over twenty calves. The herd, which started off as eight cows, has grown to twenty-five. All of which are fed using grass and hay from our fields. Clancy, the heifers and their calves are kept in a separate pasture than the year-and-a-half-year-old bulls.

   Late summer and fall you can find them spread out in the farm's hay fields. The cows winter in a 20-acre forest pasture that allows them shelter from the elements.